May 8, 2015

AKB 0048 and my thoughts on the AKB 48-system

Hello sweeties <3

Recently I was rewatching AKB0048 and it made me rethink my opinion about the AKB48-system. If you don't know AKB48 it is a really popular girl group from Japan originating in Akihabara (thus the name ;D) that should originally consist of 48 members. Now they have several "undergroups" in Aichi (SKE48), Osaka (NMB48) and Fukuoka (HKT48) and over 100 members in total if I remember correctly. See the wikipedia article for more information ^.^

As the group is highly popular in Japan they also have their own anime called AKB 0048 set in the distant future where entertainment is nearly totally banned and AKB 0048 is trying to bring it back through Guerilla Lives on planets with the entertainment ban, as entertainment aka music is hope. Sounds weird when I read it now but it is really fun to watch and I have to admit the songs are catchy as hell. Also it sheds more light on what AKB48 means in Japan today. 
Until no I thought it was somewhat creepy that mostle men in ther 30s and 40s were attending the concerts like schoolgirls but rewatching the anime I realized that the girls in this group are really like a ray of hope for most of their fans. As they are no superstars like our western singers they seem more attainable. They are like the girl next door and through all the little events, that not only consist of standing on stage and singing, but also handshakes and meet-and-greets, they stay really close to their fans. I think this also is really important :) 
Even though it might look weird from a european/western point of view I think in Japan the existing of groups like AKB48 makes sense as even though the country is so crowded many people are alone even though they are living in Tokyo etc. And groups giving the illusion of closeness help a great deal coping with the loneliness.

What are your thoughts on AKB48 and their music? Are you creeped out or can you understand why groups like that exist?

Hope you have an awesome weekend :)


May 6, 2015

New Video is Up~

Hello sweeties <3

As I already mentioned in my last post I was planning to revive my youtube channel and I finally uploaded a new video :) So far I decided I wanted to do it in German only as it is easier for me to talk in German ;) I am contemplating to add "subtitles" in the future but so far I just wanted to start talking in front of the camera again *hehehe*

Concrit is always welcome~ Maybe you can give me some tips what I can improve ^.^

Hope you all have a nice evening ^.^


Apr 29, 2015


Hello sweeties <3

There has a lot been going on in my life recently and sometimes I just didn't have the energy (physical and mentally ^^") to sit down in front of the PC and write a blogpost. Also I wasn't really happy in the last months how my blog "evolved"...because I don't just want to throw outfitposts on you...somehow I want my blog to have more meaning than just showing my vanity ;) Therefore on top of my "life crisis" xD I also did some really hard thinking on how I could change my blog to something more meaningful for me and others...and sad thing is, I haven't really come to a 100% perfect conclusion yet but I think I found my direction...but more on that in my 1st "new" post some time in the future *hahaha* ...on top of it all I am just lazy ^^"

Also I decided to revive my youtube channel and hopefully I can film a new video on the long weekend with the help of my boyfriend *O* I have so many ideas and things that I want to talk about...not only did I go to Japan in April and got inspiration there but I already had so many plans in my head BUT never had the energy *points up* to sit down and do it...but not anymore d^^b I can't sit around forever and wallow in my selfpity and anxiousness~

Also if you want more and regular updates on what I am doing you can still add me on facebook and instagram. I am posting updates from my quirky mind there pretty often :3

And to make this post a little more colorful have some pics from my weekend ;)


Hope you have a nice day <3