The name of my blog~

I am sure some of you are wondering what the name of my blog means. I got it from a song called "Doubt&Trust" from the Japanese Band Access, that was the third opening song to the anime D.Gray-Man. The phrase, which reads Hikari no moto yami ha umare, roughly means "Darkness is born from Light" and I chose it because my Blog isn't purely about Lolita, that can be seen as the Light-Side, but also about my hobbies residing, lets say, in the shadows of me being a Lolita. That doesn't mean, that one side of me is better or worse or that I love one thing more than the other. I just want to express that being a Lolita is more than just wearing nice dresses and going to meet-ups, it is the whole person, with all interests, that make a whole. Just like Yin and Yang and Light and Darkness.