Living in a world of Bubbles and Dreams~

Hello Sweeties <3

AliceHearts speaking ;)
An important thing you got to know about me is that I am totally in love with the Lolita Fashion, Beauty Stuff and Japan - I lost my heart to this great country and want to go back there so badly <3
     Although I am in my twenties now in my heart I will stay 16 years old forever because I'll never stop dreaming about meeting my prince in shining armour. I am a romantic from head to toe, my favourite color is pink and I love all things that are cute and whimsical. I am totally in love with the band Versailles - their style and music is so awesome and Kamijo is the perfect image of Lestat de Lioncourt <3 I have an obsession for Vampires (but I hate Twilight...Vampires aren't supposed to sparkle X_x) and the Victorian and Baroque Era - the dresses are just too gorgeous. Aside from that I am a lover of anime and manga - I especially like BL-Stuff and anime/manga that are playing in a different time~


My friends (Lolita and Non-Lolita) are the most important thing in the world for me...without them I couldn't exist. Love you girls <3